Sally Jane Yoga

Student information

Firstly I want to be clear that I only use and share students' information where it is essential for me to provide my services. 

When students first book, their email address is taken so that we can easily communicate about classes. This information is stored by my booking administrator BookWhen, on my behalf and I also hold a list of existing student contact information so I can contact them if needed. I also collect student information via Jotform.

Both Jotform and Bookwhen comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (and the UK version of GDPR). 

When a student stops attending classes, I remove their information from the Jotform and BookWhen systems. Students can re-register if they wish to book again.

My insurer requires me to keep a copy of students' information forms (which may contain health information), and a record of which classes and workshops they attend, for 7 years. This information is stored securely

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