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Want to join my yoga circle?

Yoga circle

Members of my yoga circles are regular students who intend to come along most weeks. They benefit from a regular practice. I get to know my students over time so they have a great learning experience.

Studio classes are a maximum of 6 students and I limit the number of circle members in each class to that number - so your circle members get a guaranteed space providing they book at least 3 days ahead of class.

What are the member benefits?

Priority booking

Able to buy priority tickets- guarantees a space in class, if booked at least 3 days ahead.

Transfer booking

Transfer booking to another class - providing it's done on-line at least 6 hours before class.

25% discount

Pay 25% less than single price drop-in ticket, when buying 3 or more classes in one booking.

Regular practice

Membership means you come along regularly and develop your yoga practice within a small friendly group.

Member benefits are provided for your circle class only. Some students join both the Tuesday and Friday circle and get benefits across both classes.

If you want to attend a class outside your circle membership you can do so as a drop-in (buying a ticket 3 days before class) and you book at least a further 2 circle classes at the same time, the 25% discount will be applied. 

Drop-in tickets are usually non-transferrable. However, as a circle member you can transfer your drop-in booking to one of your circle classes, providing you do so at least 6 hours before the drop-in class you are transferring from. There will be no refund if you have paid the full amount for the drop-in ticket.

How much does membership cost?

What is meant by a "regular commitment"?

You are given circle membership on the understanding you want to come along to your chosen circle class, most weeks.

Don't worry - holidays and a social life are fine! Class bookings are opened up to non-regulars 3 days before, so they can buy a drop-in ticket.

If you intend to take a break from classes (perhaps for a long holiday or due to health issues) we can chat about holding your place.

How to join a yoga circle.

Yoga circle

I suggest you start by trying out a class. Come along as a drop-in student. If you decide to join the circle please complete the form here. I will add you to the list and let you know when a space becomes available.

Yoga circle

While you wait for your yoga circle membership, you are very welcome to continue coming along to class as a drop-in student.

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