Sally Jane Yoga

Class Information

Booking & Paying

Classes are booked and paid for on-line via the Booking Classes page. Select the class(es) you wish to attend and when you checkout you will be charged for the class(es) you have booked in for. 


There is no refund if you cancel your attendance at a class. However, you can reschedule on-line up to 6 hours before the class starts. 

You do this online by clicking on the class link in your confirmation/reminder email, providing:

  • You do so at least 6 hours before the class you are moving the booking from, and
  • The class you are transferring to does not does not cost more than the class you have paid for and are transferring from.
  • There is no refund if you transfer your booking to a class that costs less.

What To Wear to Class

Wear what you are comfortable in. Layers are a good idea as there will be periods of movement (when you will get hot) and less movement when you will cool down and may want that extra layer. I recommend you wear socks for the warm-up and cool down but please be aware these need to be removed for standing poses. You can buy special yoga socks if you like to keep socks on for the standing poses.


For studio classes, I provide all equipment needed, including mats and blocks. You can bring your own mat if you wish.

For online classes, you will need a yoga mat plus at least a blanket and a couple of cushions (or pillows). If you have them, bring along yoga blocks, a belt and bolster. 


You can find details of the location of my studio where I teach face to face classes on the booking page. Please note there is no off road parking available to students at my studio but I am only a few minutes walk from Tonbridge High Street and close to roads where parking is permitted, such as Mill Lane and Kendal Drive. 

There are no toilet or changing facilities at the studio.


Please notify me if you became pregnant. You must not attend classes within the first 14 weeks of your pregnancy. I do not normally accept new students who are pregnant or less than 6 months after giving birth.

Fitness to Attend

Any physical activity involves a risk of injury. You are voluntarily participating in the class with the knowledge and acceptance of these risk.

You will need to complete the student information form before your first class. You must inform me if you have any medical condition that affects your ability to participate in a yoga class (most students can still attend and I will help you with adjustments), or are epileptic, or carry medication you may need to take in the event of an emergency such as an Inhaler or EpiPen.

It is your responsibility to check with your doctor if you have any difficulties or concerns about your ability to participate in the yoga class. You must follow the advice given.

Please ensure you tell me of any change to your health or medication.

Your Information

I am required by my insurer to keep a copy of your health forms, and a record of which classes/workshops you attend, for 7 years. This information is stored securely.

When you register/book, your email address is taken so that we can easily communicate about classes. This information is stored by my booking administrator BookWhen, on my behalf and I also hold a list of existing student contact information so I can contact you if needed. 

I delete the BookWhen records for any student who has stopped attending classes. You can re-register if you wish to book again. 

I do not share your contact information with any other party.