Sally Jane Yoga

Do you want to discover a yoga practice that works for your body?

Does the thought of walking into a class as a newbie student fill you with dread?

Are you worried you aren’t fit or flexible enough to join a yoga class?

Do you suffer with aches and pains or feel you don’t have a perfect body?

Are you worried about how your body is changing as you age?

I can help

The key lesson I teach, is how to listen to your body - learning the difference between a message to stop (or adjust) and one that’s simply your body experiencing something it hasn't done for a while. New movements will send signals that you are waking up muscles.

Even a simple shoulder stretch can initially feel challenging if you’ve recently spent much of your time hunched over a computer. 

I will help you explore and discover what works for you.

My students

My students are a mixed bunch. Some are regular runners, swimmers or gym bunnies. Others don’t do any of this and often join my classes to try yoga for the first time. We are a friendly welcoming bunch and practice with a smile and sometimes (especially if we’re having a wobbly day) laughter.

I teach small groups and have plenty of training and experience in teaching yoga to people who have aches, pains or injuries.

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