Sally Jane Yoga

Do you want to discover a yoga practice that works for your body?

Does the thought of walking into a class as a newbie student fill you with dread?

Are you worried you aren’t fit or flexible enough to join a yoga class?

Do you suffer with aches and pains or feel you don’t have a perfect body?

Are you worried about how your body is changing as you age?

I can help

The key lesson I teach, is how to listen to your body - learning the difference between a message to stop (or adjust) and one that’s simply your body experiencing something it hasn't done for a while. New movements will send signals that you are waking up muscles.

Even a simple shoulder stretch can initially feel challenging if you’ve recently spent much of your time hunched over a computer. 

I will help you explore and discover what works for you.

My students

My students are a mixed bunch. Some are regular runners, swimmers or gym bunnies. Others don’t do any of this and often join my classes to try yoga for the first time. We 
are a friendly welcoming bunch and practice with a smile and sometimes (especially if we’re having a wobbly day) laughter.

I teach small groups (maximum of 6 in a class) and have plenty of training and experience in teaching yoga to people who have aches, pains or injuries.

Regular students

Regular students are those who intend to come along most weeks. I limit the number of regular students to 6 per class.

Regular student benefits

  • Priority booking (guaranteeing a place in class if booking at least 3 days ahead).
  • 25% discount when buying at least 3 classes.
  • Ability to transfer bookings to other classes.

You are very welcome to join a class as a drop-in student to try it out.

If you fancy coming along regularly and there’s no regular spot, that’s fine - you can still join us I just ask that you book a drop-in ticket (available 3 days before class) and cannot guarantee there will be availability.

There is currently no regulars space available so please join the waitlist and I will let you know when a spot becomes available. I may add classes to the schedule so if you are on the waitlist I will let you know.