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Workplace Yoga

Want to help your staff feel stronger and more flexible, relieve stress and feel more relaxed? If so, then I can teach classes at your workplace.

There are three options:

  • One off class - often part of a wellbeing day.
  • A short course of classes - ideal for complete beginners.
  • Ongoing regular classes - ideal for all levels.

Participants will learn Yoga postures, correct alignment, breath work and how Yoga can help with health and wellbeing.

The client

The employer is usually theclient and responsible for paying the fee and organising the sessions eg notifying participants and ensuring a suitable room is available and ready for the class.


For companies based in London mats are not usually provided.  

Most participants like to practice on a Yoga mat. Participants can either bring their own mat or the client can purchase and provide mats. If they are providing the mats, the client should consider how to store and clean the mats. One good option is for the client to give participants a Yoga mat as part of the wellbeing process - they can then take the mats home and bring them in for class.


I usually teach a mixture of Hatha, Vinyasa flow and Yin Yoga - providing a balance of movement, strengthening, stretching and relaxation. There will be a mixture of standing/seated poses and both sun salutations and warrior sequences.

If space is at a premium or participants do not wish to change into suitable clothing, then I can teach chair Yoga.

The length of the class will depend on time of day. A lunchtime class will usually last 30-40 minutes, allowing for staff to attend and return to their work within an hour. An after work class will usually be a little longer. 


The client is responsible for ensuring participants understand the risks of exercise and do not attend against doctors advice. They should not attend if they have a physical injury, condition or illness that prevents them from safely undertaking Yoga.

Due to the need for personal adjustments and guidance, the class should not include anyone who is pregnant or has given birth less than 6 months earlier.

Participants should wear what they are comfortable in - light jogging bottoms and a t-shirt is fine. Layers are a good idea as there will be periods of movement (when they will get hot) and less movement when they will cool down and may want that extra layer. I recommend they wear socks for the warm-up and cool down but please be aware these need to be removed for standing poses. Participants can buy special Yoga socks if they like to keep socks on for the standing poses.

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