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Text neck - are you a sufferer?

25th September 2019

Text neck - are you a sufferer?

Iím going to share a secret with you. A new condition we are all at risk of. If you look around you can see sufferers all around you. It causes unnecessary neck and back pain and as you get older will affect your mobility.

We spend so much time hunched forward looking at phones/devices or sitting at desks we just donít sit straight anymore. This leads to something called Text Neck (a term coined by a chiropractor Ė Dr DL Fishman) Ė where we suffer injury and pain caused by excessive watching or texting on hand-held devices.

The further forward we tilt our head the greater the weight/stress on our spine. The average human head weights 10-11lb, when it is tilted forward to 15 degrees we place 27lb of force on the neck Ė at 30 degrees this increases to 40lb, at 45 degrees to 49lb and at 60 degrees to 60lb. The human body is not designed to cope with the additional stress due to continually holding our heads further forward when we text.

So, whatís the best solution?

In my experience, itís all recognising this is happening and working on your mobility and posture.

This posture/mobility work and awareness is practiced as part of a yoga class. Our warm-up usually includes sitting or standing, while we observe our breath and posture, gently moving our shoulders and head to remind ourselves of the natural and comfortable position.

Have you ever tried sitting to standing with your back to a wall and see whether you can bring the position of your head back so that it touches the wall behind you? Why not try this for a minute while breathing slowing, with your eyes closed? When in the pose, drop/relax your shoulders and unclench your jaw. You may not be able to touch the wall but have that intention. Intention is something we often use if we cannot get to a certain position Ė donít hurt yourself, instead use your intention to help you get towards the position.

Author: Sally Pearce (sallyjaneyoga)

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